Nourishing the Soil

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    To grow food crops we need healthy soil. What is soil and how do farmers make sure it remains productive? Using online resources and two stories from the Food for 9 Billion series, students will investigate how farmers in two different countries are addressing the need to nourish the soil.



    Grade Level:


    Estimated Time:

    1-2 50 minute class periods

    Materials Needed:

    Student handout, Student computers with Internet access


    • Students will explore arable land and cereal crop yield data from around the world.
    • Students will investigate some of the conditions that affect food production in two West African countries.
    • Students will use online resources to collect data and information about productivity and soil types.
    • Students will compare and contrast different soil types.
    • Students will describe and evaluate the impact of various efforts to maintain soil fertility and to increase food production.

    Concepts Covered:

    Types of soil, arable land, cereal crop yield, soil fertility