Arable Land and Food Production

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    If a country has abundant arable land, does that mean it has high agricultural yield? What factors contribute to the productivity of the arable land? With world population exceeding 7 billion and increasing fast, food production is an essential issue. In this data-rich lesson, students will investigate how arable land, agricultural land, productivity and yield are distinct, inter-related concepts.



    Grade Level:


    Estimated Time:

    30-50 minutes

    Materials Needed:

    Student worksheet, Computers with Internet access


    • Students will visualize trends in population, arable land, and cereal yields.
    • Students will read analytically to develop clear understanding.
    • Students will describe how clear definitions are crucial to understanding data sets.
    • Students will collect data, develop hypotheses, and draw inferences.

    Concepts Covered:

    Arable land, cereal crop yield