Association Mapping


To explore the links between genotype and phenotype, Rice Diversity Project researchers began by selecting a diverse panel of wild and cultivated rice germplasm from around the world. 400 O. sativa accessions were selected to encompass a large proportion of the geographic, sub-population and phenotypic diversity that is available among Asian rice varieties. The panel also includes a broad array of ancestral O. rufipogon rice accessions. All of this germplasm will be available as purified lines.

We evaluated the phenotypes of the O. sativa accessions in replicated field trials over two years to characterize their developmental, biochemical and morphological characteristics.

We developed high-resolution SNP-based genotyping assays and new computational methods for allele calling and quality control that allow us to gather detailed genomic information on these materials. The genotypic and phenotypic information generated on this project is being deposited in a project database where - with the help of sophisticated bioinformatics and analysis tools - we explore the relationships between genotype and phenotype.