Why Are People Hungry?

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    Modern civilization has tremendous food production capability and yet millions of people go hungry worldwide. In this activity, students examine some of the factors contributing to hunger worldwide, investigate the link between poverty and hunger, and discuss the role of government in reducing hunger. This lesson utilizes an interactive World Food Map that provides students an opportunity to manipulate and make sense of data about food and hunger worldwide.


    Geography, Math, Social Studies

    Grade Level:


    Estimated Time:

    50-80 minutes

    Materials Needed:

    Computers with Internet access, student handout, graph paper


    • Students will understand how hunger is quantified and how hunger, poverty, and the ability to afford food are intertwined.
    • Students will learn about one country‚Äôs approach to reducing hunger and evaluate the usefulness of that model for other countries.
    • Students will use data to develop hypotheses and evaluate alternatives.

    Concepts Covered:

    Statistics, figure reading, malnutrition, hunger index, calories, undernourishment, government policy, poverty


    Molly Holden and Susan Dodge, M.S. Ed for Creative Curriculum