Rice: Research to Production Course

2016 Rice: Research to Production course, is scheduled for Aug. 8-26, 2016. Applications now being accepted. Deadlines:
U.S. citizens - May 14, 2016
All others - May 14, 2016

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Rice: Research to Production Course

Research to Production is a three week, intensive course that has taken place in late May and early June in previous years, but will most likely take place in August 2016, at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Philippines. It gives participants the opportunity to become familiar with rice in its center of diversity, and to understand how central rice is in the economic and biological context of Asia. Participants will literally "get their feet wet" in the rice paddies of the Philippines, developing an intimate feeling for the rice plant in its native environment.

Plowing with Water Buffalo

The goal of this course is to bring rice research alive for young scientists who may be inspired to explore rice as an crop plant of biological significance and international importance as they consider career and research options in the plant sciences.

Our objective is to create a new generation of plant scientists who understand the importance of addressing global problems in agriculture, energy, and the environment. Not only does this course provide a foundation in rice cultivation and breeding research, it also gives participants the opportunity to establish research collaborations with each other and within the international research networks early in their careers.

Plowing with Water Buffalo The NSF has helped to fund the three week workshop every year since 2007 as part of an educational partnership that aims to mobilize a lager pool of young talent to contribute to global agricultural research and development. This course, funded with NSF funding from this program, represents the first step in establishing a student-oriented training and shuttle research program between US universities and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines.

The Rice: Research to Production course was successfully launched in 2007 and has been running every year since that time. To date, 244 diverse young scientists, extension professionals, and even a few teachers from over 40 different countries have participated. Read some of their comments on how the course has helped their personal and professional development.