Food for 9 Billion Faces of Malnutrition
John from the United States

Why is food so important to human bodies?

Abia from Mozambique Rustam from Kyrgyzstan

What happens if a person doesn't get the energy or nutrients the body needs?

Eduardo from Venezuela Adeline from Haiti

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Tigist, from Ethiopia, says "Because my legs are bowed, I can't make the 45 minute walk to school. Instead, I stay home and do the chores that I can do while sitting."

John, from the United States, asks "I'm tired, irritable, and having a hard time focusing. Why?"

Abia, from Mozambique, wonders "Why is my hair falling out? Why am I sick all the time?"

Rustam, from Kyrgyzstan, says "My father wishes I were bigger and had more energy because farming in mountainous Kyrgyzstan requires a lot of labor."

Eduardo from Venezuela, feels that "It would have been so much to dance fun like everyone else at my brother's wedding, but I was born partially paralyzed."

Adeline, from Haiti, says "Life in rural Haiti means a lot of walking, but I get exhausted and out of breath so easily!"

It provides the energy and nutrients - both macronutrients and micronutrients - that the cells in our bodies use for everything they do.

That person may become malnourished.